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Ms. Daisy Driving
October 15, 2009, 3:10 pm
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If you want to totally unhinge your adult child, offer to drive them to Brooklyn from Manhattan on a cold, dark, rainy night in the middle of rush hour.  (Ok, maybe it wasn’t raining.)  Was it my fault that MapQuest forgot to tell me that the Williamsburg Bridge is divided – by concrete barriers – into two express lanes – one going to Queens and the other to Brooklyn?  And, besides, what’s wrong with a quick visit to Queens?  You learn a lot of interesting inter-generational things on a journey of this sort – like the kid really has good eye-sight.  “Watch out for that bicyclist!”  “What bicyclist? – Oh, you mean that bicyclist!”.  Here is a very useful tip: if the adult child is spending too much time on his/her cell phone chatting with friends, pull yourself up very close to the steering wheel, lean way over it, and start muttering things like, “Was that a red light I just missed?”  Suddenly, you have their undivided attention.




Sure, I’ll let you have this one, but we both know there was a lot more to this story.

Is it dangerous that my mother has a blog?

Don’t put any bad photos of me up.

Love E

Comment by Ethan H. Minsker

I love that way of getting your adult son’s attention. I found another way that works. Say you now have a rather intense email relationship with his girlfriend/wife! Why don’t kids want to drive anymore when we’re in the car with them? I would never have let my mother drive me anywhere. I wanted control of that vehicle! But I did hate the way she would grab the armrest with both hands when I went around a corner!

Comment by Doro

I can’t believe we did the exact same thing with that bridge! and our son even warned us ahead of time, but we still made the wrong turn. It is definitely a function of (1) age or (2) where we went to college . . .

Comment by Chris

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